History of Blue Ventures Carbon Offset, Madagascar, Western Indian Ocean

History of Blue Ventures Carbon Offset

BVCO was a charity which stemmed from "Blue Ventures Conservation", the charity was focused on protecting coral reefs in Madagascar and the Western Indian Ocean through work with local communities

The charity has previously won numerous UK and international awards.

Changes in the Marine Environment

Satellite Observing Systems (SOS) offers unrivalled expertise in all aspects of satellite remote sensing of the marine environment. There are various companies that serves public and private sector organisations by providing:

  • Consultancy on the applications and exploitation of marine remote sensing
  • High quality marine statistics and climatology
  • Real-time sea-state monitoring from space delivered to ships at sea
  • Training programmes world-wide

The hard work and dedication of hundreds of international volunteers travelling to Blue Ventures’ Madagascar field site has contributed to the organizations’ success. Due to this, Blue Ventures contributes to carbon emissions through their travel to the site.

Blue Ventures Carbon Offset was established as a company to offset the emissions from these volunteers by working directly with local communities in Madagascar, to create local development and health benefits and global carbon emissions reductions.

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